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About Us

FAST-LINK is one of Reliance: Protectron’s largest promotional dealers. We provide many Canadian homes with peace of mind and home safety. Protectron is the largest Canadian home safety company and has been around for over 20 years. Protectron also has 5 monitoring stations all in Canada and inter-linked. We feel that every single Canadian home should be protected by us because we provide all our customers with top of the line technology that protects your family and your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The GE state of the art equipment and monitoring that we provide protects you and your family from burglary, home intrusion, fire, medical, and other police emergencies.

All over Canada break-ins and home intrusions are on a major rise. There is nothing more important to us at FAST-LINK than protecting all Canadian homes and buisnesses. We believe that there is nothing more important than protecting your family and home.

You can count on FAST-LINK and Reliance Protectron to give your family the safety they need !

Why FAST-LINK/Reliance Protectron?

As a Reliance Protectron Authorized dealer, we work with Canada's most trusted residential and commercial security monitoring company.  Choosing us and Reliance Protectron means you get the combined strength and stability of a national company with the convenience and personal touch of a local dealer.

Technology Leader
Reliance Protectron uses the most sophisticated and reliable technologies to protect customers. You are protected 24-hours a day by a state of the art, ULC-listed monitoring centre.

Customer Focused
At Reliance Protectron, customers come first. Products and services are developed to meet the customer’s needs and processes and systems are designed for one-call resolution to customer issues.

Local Service, Coast to Coast 
Reliance Protectron has over 800 employees and a first class dealer network made up of over 130 dedicated businesses across the country, all looking out for you.

Best People
Behind Reliance Protectron’s technology are some of the industry’s best people. Their Emergency Response Operators receive over 300 hours of training and are Security Industry Association certified. In addition, all employees participate in on-going training.

Reliable Products and Services
Reliance Protectron's Lifetime Service Protection Program is designed to ensure the life of your security system while saving you from the worries of unexpected repair or maintenance bills.

Value-Add Programs
Reliance Protectron Authorized Dealers are able to reward customers with programs like LifeSavers Referral Program, Max Your Move and the ScotiaStar Network.