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Why Get Security?

Security and Comfort at Your Fingertips

As global population increases burglary, intrusion, and other property crimes are increasing. At FAST-LINK we enable you to protect your family and children, valuables and priceless items in your home, and your home itself using our state of the art security systems.

You can't put a price on peace of mind. It depends on a lot of very important details: sleeping peacefully in an electronically protected home, entering a well-lit home without fear, and knowing that your kids are safely back from school. At FAST-LINK, our mission is to offer security products that improve your quality of life.

24 Hour Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art remote monitoring center will monitor your home day and night to make sure the appropriate authorities are rapidly dispatched in the event of an alarm, fire, or any other emergency.

Simple and Effective Residential Security

Our Security Systems are designed to be completely user friendly. These easy-to-use systems can armed and disarmed, and their text messages are clear and concise.

Attractive Consoles Fit Every Decor

The elegant consoles match any decor. The console profiled cover blends perfectly with the style of your home. Simply close the cover to hide the keypad for a more discreet look.

Security Devices to Simplify Your Life…

Easy-to-Read Displays

  • The easy-to-read display shows the status of your security system.

Simple Operation

  • Clearly identified, soft-touch controls
  • Backlit keypad for increased visibility at night
  • Four buttons that can be easily programmed to alert the fire department, police, or emergency response services, or to execute any other function at the click of a single button.
  • An integrated alarm that emits various tones to indicate the status of your system. The chime sounds if someone enters a protected area or opens a door. For example, it will notify you if a child opens the front door so that you can respond accordingly.

Convenient Options

  • Remote Control
    Use the remote control to arm or disarm your system by simply pressing a button.
  • The New TELEGARD Service
    Your system can automatically send a message to your phone/pager when your kids get home from school.